017 | Relax and Learn on a Walk Through Wolf Park

graphic of Episode 17 Relax and Learn on a Walk Through Wolf Park

Show Notes – HF17 – Relax and Learn on a Walk Through Wolf Park

Walk with me on the perimeter trail around the main wolf enclosure at Wolf Park in this episode of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris. Along the way, I interview park manager, Dana Drenzek, who shares her knowledge of wolves, wolf behavior and history of the park. She tells us about the design of the park for housing of wolves and several other species in a natural environment. The design allows for human observation as the animals go on about their daily life activities.

I visit with Dana during February, which is the heart of winter in Indiana in the USA. It is also the time of the year when the wolves are most active. You’ll enjoy learning about the “twolings” as well as the senior wolf citizens at the park. Hear about how puppies are raised, about coat colors, diets of wolves, and you’ll even hear an impromptu chorus of howling instigated by a train that went by in the distance.

The late Erich Klinghammer, wolf biologist, founded Wolf Park while he was a PhD researcher at Purdue University. Dana and the many staff members, interns, volunteers and board members carry on his legacy through their hard work and dedication to the animals, the park and its many visitors from around the world.

Visit Wolf Park

Consider a visit to Wolf Park to learn more and to see this beautiful acreage that is home to not only wolves, but also coyotes, fox, bison and several other animals.

How to Support Wolf Park

You can also support the efforts of the park by: becoming a member; sponsoring a wolf; making a purchase in the gift shop, donating to the park, or forming a five-person team for walking the trail during the popular fundraiser in the fall of each year, Walk With Wolves.

Here are a website links that were mentioned in the episode:

wolfpark.org  (when you visit this site, click on the “Our Ambassadors” link to see the gorgeous photography by Monty Sloan of the wolves at the park. It will help you put faces to the names discussed by me and Dana in the show.

wolfphotography.com – this is a site that features the photography of Monty Sloan. You can order the Wolf Park Calendar here and many other photographic items.

scottgreesonmusic.com – we chat about our band, Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday, playing music for the Walk With Wolves event. If you’d like to learn more about our music, please visit this page.

patreon.com/vickiemaris – if you’re interested in providing a bit of financial support for this podcast and my upcoming show, Llama Talk Radio, I thank you in advance for your generosity.


Photo of Vickie Maris and a golden retriever

Podcast host Vickie Maris with Timber, the Golden Retriever, at Fox Lake Resort in Minnesota (the resort is featured in Episode 10 of the podast).

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