Be a lifelong learner. Listen to podcasts while you work out.

Graphic of woman working out while listening to her mp3 player via earbuds

Do you listen to podcasts? If not, I highly suggest you give it a try. It’s a great way to continue as a lifelong learner in whatever topic interests you most. Most podcasts, including my two shows, Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris and Online Course Connections (soon to launch), are done as audio programs, which makes […]

Modifying Exercise While Healing an Injury | Stay Motivated to Exercise Even During a Setback

photo of Vickie Maris on horse

Editor’s Note:  With this video, I bring you a message from the farm alongside my Connemara stallion, Kerrymor Madison. I hope you find this message motivating about sticking with exercise, even when faced with a setback. Modifying Exercise While Healing an Injury | Stay Motivated to Exercise Even During a Setback by Coach Vickie Maris […]

Seven Tips for Adjusting Exercise to Injury | No Backsliding in Weight Loss

Photo of walking boot.

Editor’s Note:  I am determined to do my best to keep a level of fitness even while being sidelined with a walking boot to immobilize my sore tendon over my ankle. I’m going to post over the next six weeks about my progress in hopes of inspiring you to keep going even when it might […]

Small steps to weight loss make a big difference | Tips for getting started in weight loss

Photo collage showing before and after fitness

Editor’s Note: This article is a quick reference to small steps you can take in your weight loss journey that can lead to your success. Small Steps to Weight Loss Make a Big Difference by Coach Vickie Maris One of the questions I get asked is about what steps to take to increase weight loss. […]

Choosing the right fitness program | Fitting exercise into your busy day | Walking for fitness | Reach your weight loss goals

Editor’s note:  This article is brief advertisement that invites you to join my upcoming Challenge Group. Keep reading if you’re tired of your sedentary lifestyle and want to start feeling better, lose weight, gain more confidence, tone your muscles and get fit! Choosing the right fitness program | Fitting exercise into your busy day | […]

Reaching a weight loss and fitness milestone | That accordion doesn’t seem as heavy anymore!

  Editor’s Note:  I am a big believer in setting goals and celebrating when you achieve your targets. One of my goals when I started my journey last fall in weight loss and fitness was to strengthen my core so that I could stand for longer amounts of time on stage while playing my 25-pound […]

Take small steps each day towards the change you seek | Using the slight edge

Editor’s Note:  Happy Monday! In this brief article, I want to encourage you in taking small steps towards your goals on a daily basis and remind you that there isn’t a quick fix for anything. I have been reading the book, The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson, which is a focus on the value of taking little steps […]

You can drop a pant size in 30 days! | Join my March Challenge Group

Comparison photo of weight before working out and after

If you’re anything like me, you are leading a pretty busy lifestyle and juggling a lot of things. Last summer, I found myself taking care of the needs of my demanding job at the university, our farm and animals, and those around me, before giving much thought to taking care of my own health and fitness. After […]

Realizing the path is not always straight | Fitting fitness in with life

Winding llama path in snos

By Coach Vickie Maris As I was walking in from our pasture the other day, I snapped a picture of this winding path the llamas had made in the snow as they trekked back and forth from pasture to barn. Llamas usually walk single file, and they will trust the leader of the line to […]

What does it take for you to commit to 30 days?

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It’s been about four months now since I started working out six days a week and eating healthier. My initial weight loss was 10 pounds and I also lost several inches. One of my favorite milestones is the fact that I can use a tighter notch on my belts! I’m going to keep going so […]