019 | Walk for Exercise With a LLama

Photo of Episode 19 Walk for Exercise With a Llama

You’ll hear the sounds of nature in this episode of Heartsong Fit. I recorded it out in the woods as I was taking a morning walk for exercise. I have my llama, Heartsong, with me. You’ll hear the cicadas singing in the background as we navigate around tree branches, unsuccessfully duck under spider webs and […]

Walking your way to better health | Trim your waistline | Heartsongfit | 30-Day Walk & Shake Group

Teenagers walking with llamas

  Editor’s Note: I was recently chatting with clients during a Shakeology Shake and Share event who were ordering Shakeology as a first step to improving their health, but whose exercise preference for getting started back into fitness was walking. So I’m starting a 30-Day Group for April called Walk & Shake, in which we’ll support each other online in a […]