HF 13 | Go Behind the Music With Scott Greeson and Vickie Maris

Photo graphic of Scott Greeson

Scott Greeson, singer/songwriter and entertainer is my guest on Episode 13 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris. He is also my husband, so that makes him an extra special guest! Scott has been helping me with the podcast behind the scenes. He’s an expert with the recording equipment and use of the software, Pro Tools, that […]

HF11 | Nicky Rood Shares How She Incorporates Type 1 Diabetes into Life as a Commercial Songwriter

Photo of Nicky Rood who is guest on Episode 11 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris, podcast

Note from the podcast host:  I am excited for you to hear Nicky Rood’s story. She is not only inspiring as a talented songwriter and entertainer, but also inspiring in how she incorporates the challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes. Vickie Episode 11 Features: Interview With Nicky Rood, singer/songwriter Announcement about new ebook, Social Media […]

Learn What Foods to Eat as You Also Work on Fitness

Photo of Fresh Cut Salad items

Editor’s Note:  As I walk for exercise or drive my vehicle, I almost always listen to podcasts. Here are a couple of episodes from programs on my playlist that I’m hoping you find helpful as you work on your goals for eating healthier and/or losing weight. Continue your quest to run a fit business and […]

After Setting Goals, It’s OK to Rethink Your List

Graphic of a white board showing goals

As you work to create the future of your dreams, do you have times when your list of goals just gnaws at you instead of propelling you forward in your endeavors? I’ve had that happen to me. I’ve simply had too many items on the list of goals for the amount of time available in […]

Podcast Picks for Fit or Aspiring Fit Entrepreneurs

Graphic of podcast picks

Have you become a fanatic podcast listener yet? If you haven’t yet discovered the plethora of lifelong learning opportunities, entertainment and fun that exists in the world of podcasting, I hope this article will pique your curiosity. Listen While You Exercise You can make extra use of drive time, exercise time, craft time and more by […]

Days 1 – 4 Ultimate Reset Journal | 21-Day Gentle Cleanse

Photo of Black Beans & Rice Tortilla from Ultimate Reset

My friend Linda and I are doing the 21-day program, Ultimate Reset. It’s a gentle cleanse designed to help you feel healthier. If you’ve been struggling with food cravings, with your weight, or if you’ve been experiencing low energy or feeling sluggish, you may very well want to do the Ultimate Reset at a time […]

HF5 | Tractor Cab Conversation With Roger Miller About Auto Steer and GPS | Lucille Maris Shares a WWII Story About the Clausings

Photo of Auto Steer Control Box in John Deere

I took my Roland Edirol H09 recorder with me as I climbed into the cab of a John Deere to interview Roger Miller as he works ground to prepare it for planting in north central Indiana. You’ll feel like you’re in the tractor cab too as you hear the engine running and the variety of beeps […]

Days 1-3 Grocery List for Recipes in Ultimate Reset Gentle Cleanse

Graphic of Ultimate Reset

Editor’s Note:  This is a handy shopping list for you to use when you purchase the items you’ll need for making the recipes in the Program and Nutrition Guide of the Ultimate Reset for Days 1 through 3.   If you are thinking of doing the Ultimate Reset gentle cleanse, or any other cleanse, I […]

HF1 | Healthy Living: Lucille Maris Shares Tips From Her 92 Years

Photo of Lucille Maris and Vickie Maris

Gluten-Free Eating; Living Simply during WWII Special guest on this first episode of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris, is my mom, Lucille Maris. She shares her secrets to keeping fit and healthy at age 91 ½ years. Lucille talks about eating healthy from the time she grew up in the 1920s to her diet of meals […]

Five Web Tools for Online Instruction, Coaching and Connection in Social Media

Editor’s Note:  This is a list of web tools that are user friendly and have a wide variety of application in teaching, coaching, instructional design and communicating in your social media platforms. The tools I’ve listed in this article create a subset of the many web tools featured in a few of the concurrent sessions […]