015 | Farrier Brad Bixler Shares About Managing Work Life on the Road Plus Interesting Travel Adventures

Photo of Brad Bixler, farrier, in Episode 15 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris

Spend time on our Dawn of Promise Farm, as I conduct an impromptu interview with our farrier, Brad Bixler. In addition to being a farrier (trims and shoes horses), Brad is also a journeyman pipefitter and adventurer who travels the world. This conversation out in the pony shed with my horse, Madison, over our shoulder, is […]

HF12 | Relax While Horseback Riding With Vickie and Her Connemara, Madison

Photo graphic depicting Episode 12 Relax While Horseback Riding With Vickie and Her Connemara, Madison

In Episode 12 of the podcast, you get to go on a horseback ride with me and my Connemara pony, (who is actually horse size). His name is Kerrymor Madison. The Edirol recorder I like to record many of my episodes with is quite portable and fit nicely in the pocket of my vest, so […]

HF10 | Hear a Farm Story About a Mama Llama & a Connemara Pony | Enjoy a Story of Fox Lake Resort in Marcell, Minnesota

photo of the sunset over lake in Minnesota

Note from the podcast host:  We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the release of Episode 10! It’s the first milestone we were striving towards in the life of the podcast, Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris. The main part of the content for this episode was recorded at a fishing resort in Fox Lake Minnesota. […]