020 | Accordion Camp! Scott Greeson & Vickie Maris Chat About Music Gigs & Accordions

Photo of Vickie Maris and Scott Greeson on stage at Delphi Opera House

Rock on friends! I’m so glad you stopped by the blog to check the show notes for Episode 20 of Heartsong Fit which is an interview with Scott Greeson, my husband. Maybe I should call it a “conversation.” He actually turned things around and interviewed me – asking questions about accordion camp. Accordion Camp! You’ll […]

HF 13 | Go Behind the Music With Scott Greeson and Vickie Maris

Photo graphic of Scott Greeson

Scott Greeson, singer/songwriter and entertainer is my guest on Episode 13 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris. He is also my husband, so that makes him an extra special guest! Scott has been helping me with the podcast behind the scenes. He’s an expert with the recording equipment and use of the software, Pro Tools, that […]

HF11 | Nicky Rood Shares How She Incorporates Type 1 Diabetes into Life as a Commercial Songwriter

Photo of Nicky Rood who is guest on Episode 11 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris, podcast

Note from the podcast host:  I am excited for you to hear Nicky Rood’s story. She is not only inspiring as a talented songwriter and entertainer, but also inspiring in how she incorporates the challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes. Vickie Episode 11 Features: Interview With Nicky Rood, singer/songwriter Announcement about new ebook, Social Media […]

This One Time at Accordion Camp … | Find a Way to Unplug From Life Stress | Rest Your Brain

Accordions on Table

Editor’s Note:  I don‘t know about you, but it seems like life just keeps getting faster paced and more stressful. The pace at work, the demands from our roles as spouses, parents, children, employees, sports enthusiasts and more, are calling for big measures in stress relief. One of my reactions has been to exercise on a daily […]

Reaching a weight loss and fitness milestone | That accordion doesn’t seem as heavy anymore!

  Editor’s Note:  I am a big believer in setting goals and celebrating when you achieve your targets. One of my goals when I started my journey last fall in weight loss and fitness was to strengthen my core so that I could stand for longer amounts of time on stage while playing my 25-pound […]