024 | Pull the Help Chain | Friends and Llamas Aid a Caregiver in Healing

Graphic of Pulling the Help Chain - Episode 24 of Heartsong Fit

  “Pulling the help chain” is a phrase I describe in Episode 24 of Heartsong Fit. In the Toyota Way, this phrase is related to Andon. The help chain, help cord, or yellow stop button, is a mechanism that line workers can use to stop production and call for help. It’s also used to notify […]

Sticking with your meal plan | Asparagus salad recipe was a hit! | Eating healthy | Heartsongfit

Photo of asparagus tomato salad

Editor’s Note:  I enjoy cooking and especially, trying out new recipes. We had a farm flooding emergency these past couple of days, so I was grateful that I had planned ahead for the recipes I wanted to prepare. With the ingredients on hand in the pantry, it allowed us to eat pretty healthy even with the […]

Walking your way to better health | Trim your waistline | Heartsongfit | 30-Day Walk & Shake Group

Teenagers walking with llamas

  Editor’s Note: I was recently chatting with clients during a Shakeology Shake and Share event who were ordering Shakeology as a first step to improving their health, but whose exercise preference for getting started back into fitness was walking. So I’m starting a 30-Day Group for April called Walk & Shake, in which we’ll support each other online in a […]

Realizing the path is not always straight | Fitting fitness in with life

Winding llama path in snos

By Coach Vickie Maris As I was walking in from our pasture the other day, I snapped a picture of this winding path the llamas had made in the snow as they trekked back and forth from pasture to barn. Llamas usually walk single file, and they will trust the leader of the line to […]