015 | Farrier Brad Bixler Shares About Managing Work Life on the Road Plus Interesting Travel Adventures

Photo of Brad Bixler, farrier, in Episode 15 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris

Spend time on our Dawn of Promise Farm, as I conduct an impromptu interview with our farrier, Brad Bixler. In addition to being a farrier (trims and shoes horses), Brad is also a journeyman pipefitter and adventurer who travels the world. This conversation out in the pony shed with my horse, Madison, over our shoulder, is […]

After Setting Goals, It’s OK to Rethink Your List

Graphic of a white board showing goals

As you work to create the future of your dreams, do you have times when your list of goals just gnaws at you instead of propelling you forward in your endeavors? I’ve had that happen to me. I’ve simply had too many items on the list of goals for the amount of time available in […]

Take small steps each day towards the change you seek | Using the slight edge

Editor’s Note:  Happy Monday! In this brief article, I want to encourage you in taking small steps towards your goals on a daily basis and remind you that there isn’t a quick fix for anything. I have been reading the book, The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson, which is a focus on the value of taking little steps […]