Learn What Foods to Eat as You Also Work on Fitness

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Editor’s Note:  As I walk for exercise or drive my vehicle, I almost always listen to podcasts. Here are a couple of episodes from programs on my playlist that I’m hoping you find helpful as you work on your goals for eating healthier and/or losing weight. Continue your quest to run a fit business and […]

HF1 | Healthy Living: Lucille Maris Shares Tips From Her 92 Years

Photo of Lucille Maris and Vickie Maris

Gluten-Free Eating; Living Simply during WWII Special guest on this first episode of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris, is my mom, Lucille Maris. She shares her secrets to keeping fit and healthy at age 91 ½ years. Lucille talks about eating healthy from the time she grew up in the 1920s to her diet of meals […]

4 Healthy Snacking Tips | Have Your Snack Plan Ready Before the Cravings Hit

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4 Healthy Snacking Tips By Coach Vickie Maris Eating a healthy snack in between meals is one way to keep your metabolism going and to decrease your cravings. I have been working to turn any “nervous eating” or “stress eating” that I do at my desk at work into healthy snacking. I’m hoping that a […]

Baked Egg in Avocado | Paleo-friendly Breakfast

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Editor’s Note:  This recipe is paleo-friendly and super easy to make. It’s low in sugar and high in fiber. A baked egg in avocado makes a great way to start your day! Baked Egg in Avocado | Paleo-friendly Breakfast Recipe shared by Coach Vickie Maris We tried this recipe for breakfast during the holidays and […]

Smoothie Recipe With Blueberries and Banana

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  Smoothie Recipe With Blueberries by Coach Vickie Maris Weight loss and maintenance of healthy weight are two reasons for you to incorporate a healthy smoothie into your daily routine. The smoothie recipe with blueberries and banana that I share below in this article makes working on weight loss a tasty adventure. But weight loss […]

Black Bean Salad Enhanced with Garden Veggies | A Gluten-Free Favorite


Editor’s Note:  Hope you had a terrific week! This is a favorite recipe that I made a couple weeks ago on our vacation in Minnesota (fishing trip).  It keeps well for several days in the fridge. Scott and I like to take the leftovers in our lunches to work. Enjoy! Black Bean Salad Enhanced with Garden Veggies | A […]

Following the Right Role Models | Improve Your Quality of Life By Eating Right; Exercising

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I recently spent a lovely evening at our county 4-H fair with my mom and my mother-in-law to watch the Queen Contest. My mom and I hadn’t attended the pageant since I was a kid, but we didn’t want to miss seeing one of my llama training students who was competing that night for the […]