Realizing the path is not always straight | Fitting fitness in with life

By Coach Vickie Maris

Winding llama path in snos

As I was walking in from our pasture the other day, I snapped a picture of this winding path the llamas had made in the snow as they trekked back and forth from pasture to barn. Llamas usually walk single file, and they will trust the leader of the line to pick and choose the safest path. Everyone behind the leader, places their feet on the same section of the trail as the llama in front.

These paths are particularly interesting along a wooded trail. Llamas use their keen senses to be alert for danger such as ground hog holes, sharp stones or snakes.

The winding path reminded me that we too need to be alert to the possible need for twists and turns in our path through life. I faced one on Friday when the virus that had been going around work, church, and home, found me. I was in the midst of many deadlines at work, and on Day 2 of the Ultimate Reset (Beachbody gentle cleanse and wonderful set of meals to prepare) when my path was abruptly changed. I got so sick, so quickly, that I was super grateful for my friend, Marsha, who initially helped me, and then for my hubby, Scott, whom she called to come to my rescue at work. He essentially carried me out of the building and back home.

I’m much better today as I write this, but I’m still dehydrated and don’t have much appetite. I’ve decided to look for a different window of 21 days to do the Reset, and for now, to focus on getting my strength back. Before I gear up for getting back into my workout routine, I’m going to do the stretching workout DVD from Body Gospel or maybe even start the Tai Cheng program (Tai Chai).

After the doctor gives an all clear, it is good to start back slowly with a fitness routine. I’m going to do workouts every other day, and for half the length of time, until I really feel like I’m back to my old self.

In the meanwhile, I encourage you to also bend and flex with the curveballs that life throws your way this week. I was initially so frustrated about getting sick and having so many things come to a hault, and then I became grateful for the extra time it gave me to reflect, to rest and to do my own version of a reset. Encouragement from my hubby, my friends, and fellow Beachbody coaches, got me refocused on what matters. God got my attention in a different way and retuned my perspective! And I’m grateful that my illness wasn’t bigger. I have several friends and customers dealing with much more difficult circumstances from illness that make this one seem pretty small. I am humbled by what they deal with on a daily basis.

Let’s learn from llamas, and maneuver our paths around the things we need to bypass, and keep moving forward towards the tasks at hand!

Kids hiking with llamas in woods

I invite you to use the comment box below and share about life obstacles that you have had to work around, and how striving towards fitness and/or eating healthy has made a difference for you.


Vickie Maris is an instructional designer and director of professional development programs for lifelong learners at a Big Ten university. She is also an Independent Team Beachbody Coach who would like to help in your life transformation to better fitness and eating. The focus of her journey has also allowed her to reap benefits of a better ability to deal with work stresses, and a reduction in migraine headaches! Contact her at clientcare at heartsongfit dot com, for information about using any one of the many Beachbody products for fitness and health, or for details about joining one of her challenge groups of like-minded people connected online to encourage each other in a 30-day challenge towards improved fitness and health.

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  • Hope you are doing better! I have had a shoulder replacement and have to work “around” the pain I sometimes have, but it is worth it.