Improving Your Nutrition

A note of testimony from Vickie …

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my nutrition and better fuel my body. My journey has led me down several pathways to improved eating and health. I first began paying more attention to what I was eating when my mom chose to eat gluten free. I didn’t immediately follow in her footsteps, but was definitely paying attention to the meals she was preparing and to how she would order food whenever we were eating out at a restaurant. You can hear my mom talking about gluten-free eating in a podcast episode that I did with her.

Making Healthy Eating Choices

Later, I purchased a Beachbody in-home fitness program, Body Gospel, and while I followed the workout calendar, I also began using the protein shake, Shakeology, and following the recipes in the nutrition guide that came with the program. This significantly changed my eating habits and the ways I snacked at work. If you’re doing a similar type of in-home fitness program or if you work out with a trainer at a gym, I encourage you to pay attention to their advice regarding food choices and healthy nutrition! Do you know that 80% of weight loss is attributed to nutrition and only about 20% to exercise?

Consider Doing a Cleanse

About a year after I started exercising 5-6 days a week, I did a 21-day gentle cleanse from Beachbody called Ultimate Reset. You’ll see several blog posts about my experience with the cleanse in the blog archives on this site. There is also a podcast episode in which I interview my friend Linda Brammer, who did the cleanse with me. The show gives you a first-hand look (or listen) at what the cleanse is like and our conversation covers highlights of the recipes. The cleanse was a positive, life-changing experience for me! Detoxing our bodies of the junk that we all tend to consume in developed countries is such a good thing – my opinion.

Drink LOTS of Water

I had thought that I was a pretty good cook, but I wasn’t really cooking foods that were the best for my body. The Ultimate Reset taught me a lot about meal choices, meal preparation and the value of whole food and drinking lots of water!

Essential Oils Added to the Mix

After doing a podcast episode in which I interviewed friend and fellow entrepreneur, Heather Santo, about uses of essential oils, I also added essential oils to my diet. I am particularly fond of putting a few drops of lemon, citrus blend, lime or grapefruit essential oil in my first glass of water in the morning.

As I write this, I am in the process of exploring the uses of some of the more popular oils such as lavender, peppermint, tea tree oil, myrtle, orange and some of the essential oil blends that are made by the company, Young Living. Some of the blends that I tried and now use on a regular basis include:  Thieves, Purification, Joy, Peace and Calming, Deep Relief, Stress Away, Pan Away, Endoflex, M-Grain, and Valor.

I became a distributor for Young Living in order to get the 24% discount on the products and to help others discover essential oils. I am even trying them out on my horses and llamas to keep the mosquitoes and other insects away! I’d be happy to have you use this link that takes you to my distributor account if you’d like to explore using the oils for yourself or your family.