Be a lifelong learner. Listen to podcasts while you work out.

Graphic of woman working out while listening to her mp3 player via earbuds

Links to several of the podcasts I listen to while I work out in the mornings are in the article. Please share your favorite podcasts in the comments below. When you click on this image, you’ll go to my podcast in iTunes, Heartsong Fit.

Do you listen to podcasts? If not, I highly suggest you give it a try. It’s a great way to continue as a lifelong learner in whatever topic interests you most. Most podcasts, including my two shows, Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris and Online Course Connections (soon to launch), are done as audio programs, which makes them really easy to consume while you’re doing your workout.

When I was a grad student in the mid 2000s, I decided to listen to podcasts as a way to supplement the textbooks and in-class instruction of my courses. It also helped me best utilize my time as I walked across campus to a meeting or commuted to and from work.

Listen to podcasts while you exercise

I like to do my exercise in the morning, so I’ll play a podcast episode from either my phone or laptop while I’m working out. If an episode really stands out to me as helpful or interesting, I’ll pause and write a rating and review in iTunes for the podcast host as a way of saying thank you.

Shows that have an impact on my health and my business

Shows that have had a big impact on me in my quest to healthier living and growing my business include: Mindfulness Mode, Team Beachbody Coach Podcast, EOFireYoupreneur FM, and Smart Passive Income. You should check one or more of these out and consider adding them to your podcast player! And of course, I’d love for you to subscribe to Heartsong Fit with Vickie Maris where I share tips for the stressed and stretched-too-thin listener on healthy ways to deal with life stresses.

In the comments under this article, please add your suggestions of podcasts we should be listening to or let us know what you’ve learned from one of the shows listed above.

Until next time, drink your Shakeology every day and make smart decisions for your health. You’re going to need your body for each year to come. Vickie

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