Learn What Foods to Eat as You Also Work on Fitness

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Editor’s Note:  As I walk for exercise or drive my vehicle, I almost always listen to podcasts. Here are a couple of episodes from programs on my playlist that I’m hoping you find helpful as you work on your goals for eating healthier and/or losing weight. Continue your quest to run a fit business and lead a fit life! Vickie


Links to Smart Digestion Radio and Fit Pro Inferno Podcasts
Here are two episodes that I wanted to pass along to you as resources in your quest to improve your health. Both of these podcasters, Dr. Christine Kaczmar and Steve De La Torre, provide really useful tips on eating healthy and working on your mindset about exercising and eating right.

Dr. Christine Kaczmar of Smart Digestion Radio provides advice and tips on how and what you should be eating. She explains things in a way that is easy to understand. I met Dr. Christine at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, California, in March 2014. She is doctor of chiropractic and an inspiration!

In Episode 18, Dr. Christine is interviewed by another podcaster, Valerie Shoopman. She shares many insights about foods to avoid, foods to eat and stories about her own journey as well as journeys of her clients.

In Episode 20, Steve De La Torre is the guest who is interviewed on Smart Digestion Radio. He also has his own podcast, Fit Pro Inferno, and shares several useful tips that people in any stage of fitness can use.


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Vickie Maris is podcast host of Heartsong Fit. She is a lifelong learner, a musician (she plays guitar and accordion in a band with her husband, Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday), a social media coach to businesses and entrepreneurs, and an instructional designer of online courses. She encourages people in their business and life improvement projects from uses of social media in the marketing mix to improving fitness and health for a strong, productive life as an entrepreneur. Vickie and Scott live on a hobby-size farm with a Connemara horse, several llamas and angora rabbits.