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Graphic of the ebook cover for Social Media First Steps: A Guide for BusinessSocial Media First Steps: A Guide for Business is a social media ebook designed for the entrepreneur, small biz owner, blogger, or one-person marketing department interested in getting a foothold in the primary social media channels, and who would like a starting point and a sequence that makes sense.

This ebook stems from the notes I kept during my own journey of setting up a presence in social media channels for my businesses – a journey that started in 2007 for me and continues to evolve as the channels evolve, and new platforms appear on the scene.

I’ve condensed years of study, conference-attending and presenting, countless hours of listening to podcasts, and one-on-one opportunities to learn from the best in the business.

To better serve your needs, I revisit the ebook content and update it on a regular basis. When you purchase your copy, you will receive a link to download a pdf attachment of the latest revision of the ebook. As I create future revisions, I will notify you via email with an updated pdf attached.

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Below are several testimonials written by people who read the ebook. Please continue reading and let them tell you why you will benefit from purchasing a copy to read and refer to as you develop your first, or expand your existing, social media channels for you business.

If you have any questions, you can reach at the email:  clientcare at heartsongfit dot com.

Cheers! – Vickie Maris




“WOW! This e-book was truly a refreshing and comprehensive study in social media for businesses. Fantastic read as a resource and instructional methodology to ensure success in what is rapidly becoming more and more necessary to be at the forefront as a business leader. Vickie’s enthusiasm and expertise oozes from each page. Well written for those who need a quick start, a tune up, or to use as a reference guide to stay up to date. I loved the resources that were identified for further study and education on products available to assist in the journey of social media expansion. I will be suggesting this as a must read to all my clients.”
John M. Kamp President/CEO
The Business Kamp

“This e-book is a must read for anyone who is hesitant about utilizing social media for business. Maris breaks down the complexities of the social media world into simple and understandable steps that even the most novice Internet user can follow, while incorporating tips and insights that the more experienced users can benefit from.”
Nicole Vanek
Public Relations Research Assistant
Purdue University

“I’m so pleased with “Social Media First Steps:  A Guide for Business” since there are so many entrepreneurs and small businesses with a non-existent social media presence. Plus, this book is a great reference point for the person already working in social media marketing.

It’s full of nuggets you can use ranging from the importance of a website front door to branding, to building social media profiles for business and interacting with customers and prospects. Whether you’re a solopreneur building a social media presence for your business, or the person in charge of marketing for your department, this book has something with your name on it.”
Dana Manciagli
Global Career Expert, Speaker, Private Coach, Author of Cut the Crap, Get a Job  

“Vickie Maris blazed a trail through the jungle of social media, establishing successful social media marketing tools for multiple businesses and organizations. Social Media First Steps: A Guide for Business is the user friendly and immediately-applicable road map that Vickie has so graciously prepared for the rest of us to follow, based on her own experiences. 

Her step-by-step approach and real life examples make it easy to actually get started while you are reading the book. Written by someone who has truly been-there-done-that, this concise, entertaining book will practically set up your social media presence for you as you read along. As a wonderful bonus, Social Media First Steps is filled with great tips for balancing a day job with multiple other projects and goals, even if you don’t have a small business (but you will want to start one after you read this book!).

Whether you have already designed your own website, or you don’t know the difference between a tweet and a blog, this book makes social media a friendly and inviting place to do business!”
Jeannie Poulson, D.V.M., Ph.D., Diplomate ACVR (Radiation Oncology)
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology Director, Radiation Oncology Program
Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine  

“This has been a great tool for our salon. It really put certain details in perspective on an easier level. One topic that stood out the most for us, in the business development state we’re in, was the section on branding your business. Even though we have goals for further down the road when we might put several of these tips into action, it made us realize the importance of paying immediate attention to our web domain, and getting our business name on anything we can – and doing so early in the game!”
Jennifer Burns and Emily Whitehead
J~Em Salon at InStyle Studios, Lafayette, Indiana

“Today’s local newspaper had an article about how small businesses struggle with an internet presence. Looks to me like those business owners need a copy of Vickie’s book.”
Bob White
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Instructor
Purdue Engineering Professional Education  

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“Vickie Maris has packed an incredible amount of content into her social media ebook and has done so with insightful comments and concrete examples in text that is both well-written and entertaining. How I wish that a guide like hers had been available when I started handling social media for the Delphi Preservation Society and the Delphi Opera House! As I started reading Vickie’s ebook, I began highlighting areas to which I wanted to return – some for immediate implementation, some for further exploration. Now, my ebook looks like a coloring book! There is so much to learn from this guide, that I now feel equipped to help broaden the reach for these organizations.”
Anita Werling
Chair Opera House Advisory Board
Delphi Preservation Society.

“It isn’t unusual, based on the demographic of my business, to have clients who wonder ‘what is social media?’ What I find more unusual is the fact that, for the most part, real estate brokers don’t take advantage of the invaluable social media platform. Those who do use social media are way ahead of those who don’t. Social Media First Steps:  A Guide For Business is a valuable tool for professionals to jump start their online presence. 

It is thorough and concise, guiding its reader through the often-murky waters of social media. From offering guidance on when, where and how often to tweet, what sort of content and how often to post on a Facebook page – be it your personal profile or your business page, what potential customers look for when reviewing a LinkedIn bio to a Web TV presence, this guide has it all.

I have been in the real estate profession for 27 years, and the days of cold calling to reach out to new buyers and sellers are over. Approximately 97 percent of our customers come via the internet. I, personally, have had great success through Facebook as it has reconnected me to friends and acquaintances actively looking to buy or sell in Maine – resulting in several sales and new listings. I do need to tweak my Twitter presence, and this e-book will help me immensely to accomplish that goal.”
Linda Painter, Broker
The Swan Agency Sotheby’s International Realty

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