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3D online thiefEditor’s Note:  In this quick article, I point you to a recent podcast by Michael Stelzner who shares tips for protecting your data from theft. Forgotten passwords, a lost iPhone, a computer theft – his advice can help you avoid the stress that goes with these events.

by Coach Vickie Maris

As you may recall from some of my previous articles, I’m an avid podcast listener! I find it to be a great way to keep up with favorite topics. Lately, I’ve been listening to episodes about social media marketing as I work to better understand the medium, and how best to deploy it for my business as an independent Team Beachbody Coach, and in our music business, Scott Greeson Music and Hoosier Surf Records.

One of my favorite podcasts is by Michael Stelzner who does the Social Media Marketing podcast and the Social Media Examiner blog.

He recently suffered a theft of his office computers, so he followed it with a podcast with nine tips for ways to protect yourself from a business shutdown or loss by putting proper backup systems in place. I’ll list a few bullets of what he touches on, but I really want to encourage you to simply listen to the podcast episode and get the information first hand! Whether you use a computer at home for work or play, or if your business relies on it, you will be glad that you took time to listen to Michael’s suggestions. He lists the key references and links in his show notes.

Simple steps to securing your data and protecting your business from theft

  • Activate a service like “Find my iPhone” if you’re a user of Apple products
  • Back up data to an external hard drive on a regular basis, and keep the hard drive in a location separate from your computer (or in a place that is difficult for a thief to access)
  • Use an online data storage/backup service as a secondary backup of your system
  • Protect your passwords

One of my goals, along with following Michael’s data protection tips, is to get my health and fitness podcast set up in a similar way to the Social Media Marketing podcast. That way it will be easy for you to subscribe to it in iTunes and easy for you to click on it right from the pages here in my website. That is my commitment to you! So be on the lookout for that enhancement to Heartsong Fit in the near future. I would love for you to share your ideas for future health and fitness podcast topics in the comments section below.

As I sign off, I encourage you to put a plan in place to back up your computer hard drive and other devices; keep working on your fitness over the weekend; and to make healthy eating choices. Take small steps each day. The compounding effect of small steps is tremendous!




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Vickie Maris with one of her performance llamas, Betty, who is a great trail hiking companion.

Vickie Maris is a lifelong learner, a musician, a health and fitness coach, and an instructional designer/director of professional development programs for lifelong learners at a Big Ten university. She encourages people in their life improvement projects from choices for classroom and online learning, to lifestyle transformations for better fitness and eating. The focus of her own weight loss and fitness journey has also allowed her to reap benefits of a better ability to deal with work stresses, and a reduction in blood pressure and migraine headaches! Contact her at clientcare at heartsongfit dot com, for information about using any one of the many Beachbody products for fitness and health, or for details about joining one of her challenge groups of like-minded people connected online to encourage each other in a 30-day challenge towards improved fitness and health.








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