Be a lifelong learner. Listen to podcasts while you work out.

Graphic of woman working out while listening to her mp3 player via earbuds

Do you listen to podcasts? If not, I highly suggest you give it a try. It’s a great way to continue as a lifelong learner in whatever topic interests you most. Most podcasts, including my two shows, Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris and Online Course Connections (soon to launch), are done as audio programs, which makes […]

Thinking Outside the Box Spurred by Nature and a Llama Hike

Photo of large group of hikers with their llamas

Editor’s Note:  This is a story about changing your routine to clear your mind, to better connect with those whom you see every day, and to spur your ability for thinking outside the box. Living on a llama farm is a lot of fun for me, but it brings extra joy to see how the time with […]

After Setting Goals, It’s OK to Rethink Your List

Graphic of a white board showing goals

As you work to create the future of your dreams, do you have times when your list of goals just gnaws at you instead of propelling you forward in your endeavors? I’ve had that happen to me. I’ve simply had too many items on the list of goals for the amount of time available in […]

Podcast Picks for Fit or Aspiring Fit Entrepreneurs

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Have you become a fanatic podcast listener yet? If you haven’t yet discovered the plethora of lifelong learning opportunities, entertainment and fun that exists in the world of podcasting, I hope this article will pique your curiosity. Listen While You Exercise You can make extra use of drive time, exercise time, craft time and more by […]

9 Podcasts and Blog Resources for Beginning Bloggers

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I have been asked by some of my clients for resources that would be helpful in getting started as a blogger and content marketer. And one of my friends, a new blogger, was particularly interested in podcasts she could subscribe to on the blogging and podcasting subject for listening to during air travel. So I created this […]

Five Web Tools for Online Instruction, Coaching and Connection in Social Media

Editor’s Note:  This is a list of web tools that are user friendly and have a wide variety of application in teaching, coaching, instructional design and communicating in your social media platforms. The tools I’ve listed in this article create a subset of the many web tools featured in a few of the concurrent sessions […]

Following the Right Role Models | Improve Your Quality of Life By Eating Right; Exercising

Graphic of the 4-H pledge

I recently spent a lovely evening at our county 4-H fair with my mom and my mother-in-law to watch the Queen Contest. My mom and I hadn’t attended the pageant since I was a kid, but we didn’t want to miss seeing one of my llama training students who was competing that night for the […]