018 | Managing caregiver stress during a loved one’s hospital trip

Graphic for Episode 18 of Heartsong Fit on Caregiver Stress

If you are in a caregiver role, this episode has tips and ideas to help you manage stress.

This is a solo episode with content that stems from my own experiences. I share methods for managing stress that I use while in the caregiver role with my mom. These are ideas you can adopt if you are in a caregiver role and helping your loved one if he or she needs to make a trip to the emergency room or hospital.

Steps to Take to Manage Stress

From keeping a bag packed and ready to having a plan for communicating with siblings, to reminders about wills, living wills, health care representatives and more, I touch on several simple steps you can take.

Have a plan in place. Take steps ahead of time that will help you manage stress during an upcoming hospital visit.

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The Witness Tree

Llama Dance from the Wabash Gypsies album

Stories of a Stateside Bride

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