024 | Pull the Help Chain | Friends and Llamas Aid a Caregiver in Healing

Graphic of Pulling the Help Chain - Episode 24 of Heartsong Fit

  “Pulling the help chain” is a phrase I describe in Episode 24 of Heartsong Fit. In the Toyota Way, this phrase is related to Andon. The help chain, help cord, or yellow stop button, is a mechanism that line workers can use to stop production and call for help. It’s also used to notify […]

023 | Bomber pilot’s wife shares stories of World War 2

Graphic of Episode 23 of Heartsong Fit - World War 2 Index

Several of the episodes of Heartsong Fit include short stories by my mom, Lucille Maris. She shares her experiences from the 1940s when she was a young bride to my dad, Jim Maris. He flew multi-engine bombers out of Wendling, England in the 392nd bomb group during WW II. Dad trained in the B-17 and was […]

022 | Living unplugged. A return to Fox Lake Resort.

Graphic of Fox Lake Resort featured in Episode 22 of Heartsong Fit podcast

Our trip to Fox Lake Resort in northern Minnesota for fishing and relaxation was pretty short in 2016, but it was well worth the drive. Living unplugged for a few days is a great way to destress and rejuvenate. Living unplugged. Have you heard people say that before? It comes in different forms. For our trip […]

Be a lifelong learner. Listen to podcasts while you work out.

Graphic of woman working out while listening to her mp3 player via earbuds

Do you listen to podcasts? If not, I highly suggest you give it a try. It’s a great way to continue as a lifelong learner in whatever topic interests you most. Most podcasts, including my two shows, Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris and Online Course Connections (soon to launch), are done as audio programs, which makes […]

021 | Bombing of Pearl Harbor and Processing News of War

Photo of podcast episode 21 showing guests Margaret Williamson and Lucille Maris, Heartsong Fit

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was where we started in this conversation I had with Margaret Williamson and my mom, Lucille Maris. They were my guests for Episode 21 of Heartsong Fit. These two ladies are bridge players. They are both in their 90s. They were both married to men named Jim, who both were […]

020 | Accordion Camp! Scott Greeson & Vickie Maris Chat About Music Gigs & Accordions

Photo of Vickie Maris and Scott Greeson on stage at Delphi Opera House

Rock on friends! I’m so glad you stopped by the blog to check the show notes for Episode 20 of Heartsong Fit which is an interview with Scott Greeson, my husband. Maybe I should call it a “conversation.” He actually turned things around and interviewed me – asking questions about accordion camp. Accordion Camp! You’ll […]

019 | Walk for Exercise With a LLama

Photo of Episode 19 Walk for Exercise With a Llama

You’ll hear the sounds of nature in this episode of Heartsong Fit. I recorded it out in the woods as I was taking a morning walk for exercise. I have my llama, Heartsong, with me. You’ll hear the cicadas singing in the background as we navigate around tree branches, unsuccessfully duck under spider webs and […]

018 | Managing caregiver stress during a loved one’s hospital trip

Graphic for Episode 18 of Heartsong Fit on Caregiver Stress

If you are in a caregiver role, this episode has tips and ideas to help you manage stress. This is a solo episode with content that stems from my own experiences. I share methods for managing stress that I use while in the caregiver role with my mom. These are ideas you can adopt if […]

017 | Relax and Learn on a Walk Through Wolf Park

graphic of Episode 17 Relax and Learn on a Walk Through Wolf Park

Show Notes – HF17 – Relax and Learn on a Walk Through Wolf Park Walk with me on the perimeter trail around the main wolf enclosure at Wolf Park in this episode of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris. Along the way, I interview park manager, Dana Drenzek, who shares her knowledge of wolves, wolf behavior […]

016 | Heartsong Fit is Back on the Air! | A Podcast Revival

Photo of Vickie Maris at Klipsch Music Center on VIP stage

I’m excited to let you know that Heartsong Fit is back! I had pulled the show down when I started rebranding my business, but I have missed it from the moment I stopped producing the episodes. Every time I turn around, I find myself thinking – “That would be a great topic to cover on […]