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Vickie Maris

Hi! I’m Vickie, your host of Heartsong Fit podcast. Thanks for listening to the show. I hope that the stories and conversation provide you with relaxation and fun, plus helpful tips and ideas of living more stress free.

You can learn more about me by subscribing to the show (available for free in iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play), and by checking out the show notes and blog posts here in the site. You’ll also find more details at my other sites, vickiemaris.com, scottgreesonmusic.com and statesidebride.com.

I’m a woman with many interests and whose career has taken a few turns from roles in marketing communications in agriculture to public relations for a startup to an independent business owner doing PR work. For nearly 20 years, I’ve been in continuing education positions at Purdue University.

Today, my focus is on helping people extend their content expertise to their following via online courses. I’m very fascinated with elearning and helping people make the best use of online learning platforms for delivering great content packaged in meaningful learning experiences.

As I earned a graduate degree while working full time, I allowed myself to get too caught up in things that brought on stress in my life. I decided to make a change and started the podcast so that I could more easily invite you along on my journey of learning healthy methods for dealing with stressful situations.

As a subscriber to my podcast, Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris, you’ll hear me interview guests who give us suggestions for managing stress in our lives, for improving our health and for having fun.

You’ll get to hear a few stories from Dawn of Promise Farm, which is where my husband, Scott Greeson, and I live with our llamas, Connemara horse and French Angora rabbits. And we can’t forget our dog, Hope, and our cat, Frank! Scott and I are musicians too, so we sneak in a few stories about our life on the stage as entertainers, and singer/songwriters. The podcast is definitely an eclectic collection of stories and interviews!

Let’s Connect!
I would love to have you join my family of podcast listeners. I figure if we come alongside each other in our journeys to be less stressed and more mindful, we can keep each other encouraged and accountable. Let’s connect! See the Contact page in the website for links for subscribing (for free) to the podcast, or for signing up to be on my email list so that I can keep you updated.


One More Note:  One of my chief motivators for growing my business and improving my fitness and health was and still is my life as a farm girl and the physical demands that stem from caring for livestock on a daily basis. The first llama that Scott and I purchased was Heartsong, thus, we named the business after one of my primary inspirations! That’s how the podcast became, Heartsong Fit! 

Vickie with a llama and a student

Vickie with Heartsong at a llama show with one of her youngest llama training students, Abi.