HF8 | Journey Through the Ultimate Reset 21-Day Cleanse

Photo collage of recipes you prepare in the Ultimate Reset gentle cleanse, 21-day program

In Episode 8 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris, you’ll hear a conversation between Vickie and her friend Linda, as they discuss their experiences doing the 21-day gentle cleanse, Ultimate Reset, and the many benefits they gained from the program.

Take an audio journey through the 21 days of the gentle cleanse, Ultimate Reset, in this podcast episode. The primary content in Episode 8 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris is a conversation between me and one of my friends, Linda Brammer. We started the Ultimate Reset 21-day gentle cleanse on June 8, 2014 and finished on June 28.

Linda and I walk you through our experiences doing this detox program. We work through the Program Guide and share several tips we learned along the way about the benefits of keeping each other accountable, about the timing of the supplements, about how to forgive yourself and keep going if you miss one one of the prescribed meals or if you forget to take one of the supplements in the suggested timing.

Learning New Eating Habits
You’ll hear about the benefits we gained from the change in our eating habits, the addition of a greater amount of water in our diets, and use of the digestive enzymes, the detox powder and the powder to help make your body more alkaline during the 21 days. We talk specifically about several of the recipes in the program guide, tips on meal preparation and where to find some of the ingredients at the market.

Both of us had days during the reset where we ended up missing one of the suggested meals or one of the supplements we were supposed to take. But you’ll hear us discuss increasing the ingredients for recipes to make larger servings so that we could repeat a meal used for lunch on one day for leftovers at lunch the next day. As long as you’re in the same Phase in the Ultimate Reset, it works OK to substitute a lunch for a lunch, dinner for a dinner, etc.  For instance, in Week 2 which is the Release Phase, I made enough for one of the evening meals for me and my hubby, Scott, to eat that meal again the following evening.

This isn’t the absolute ideal way to approach the Ultimate Reset, but it was a way that I could do the program and still get great results even within a very hectic schedule. I am in a demanding role at a university, and also sing and guitar and piano accordion in a band that performs on the weekends. I also run our hobby-size farm. Linda traveled during her first week on the Reset and then had a houseful of company when she returned home, so she faced a different set of challenges during the 21 days, but also saw great results!

Benefits Gained From Doing the Ultimate Reset
If you’re wondering if you can do the Ultimate Reset, the conversation between me and Linda is a place to start so that you can get first-hand insights. I lost 9.2 pounds and 8.5 inches in the 21 days. My blood pressure returned to a safe range. I am no longer having sinus congestion in the morning and I’m seeing a significant reduction in migraine headaches.

If you’d like to learn more, I kept a journal during the Reset, and  posted blog articles from my journal notes in this site as well as grocery lists for segments of the Ultimate Reset.