HF4 | Take a Hike With Vickie and Her Llama, Heartsong | Enjoy the Peacefulness of the Farm at Sunset

Photo of Vickie with her llama, Heartsong

Vickie Maris with her llama, Heartsong, at a llama training show in April 2014. Heartsong is the llama on the hike with Vickie in this episode of the podcast.

HF4 | Take a Hike With Vickie and Her Llama, Heartsong | Enjoy the Peacefulness of the Farm at Sunset

Moving your body is a terrific method to reduce stress. Hiking along the trails on the farm is one way that I find relief from stress after a busy day. I often take one of the llamas with me for walking on the trails. We both benefit from walking for exercise, and at the same time enjoy each other’s company on the trail.

In this episode, I’ll teach you about llamas along the journey and describe the elements of nature that we encounter during the walk. Listen to the llama hum, the creek rushing by, the Sycamore leaves crunching under foot and other sounds from the walk.

Frog Chorus
The frog chorus you hear in this episode is the real deal. When Scott and I were returning from a Friday evening dinner out, we passed through Prophetstown State Park and heard the frogs singing in the lowlands of the park. We stopped the vehicle on a service road and hiked over to the swampy area with recorder in hand to capture the frog chorus for you. A similar chorus of frogs can be heard all around the farm during the spring.

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Photo of llamas and kids around a huge Sycamore tree

Vickie’s llama training students and 4-Hers demonstrate the size of one of the big Sycamore trees along the trail on the farm.