016 | Heartsong Fit is Back on the Air! | A Podcast Revival

I’m excited to let you know that Heartsong Fit is back! I had pulled the show down when I started rebranding my business, but I have missed it from the moment I stopped producing the episodes.

Every time I turn around, I find myself thinking – “That would be a great topic to cover on the show!” or “I need to ask that person if she be a guest on the show!” Then you began to reach out and share with me about how you were missing the show.

That made the decision for me. I revived my account with Libsyn and asked them to bring the show back up which they did in less than 24 hours. A month later, and I’m back rolling with the creation of a new episode of the show each month.

Check out this episode to hear about my focus for the show in the upcoming months. If you have ideas for a guest I should interview who might help us all with a method for de-stressing or a story about how they handle daily life stresses, I’d love for you to leave a comment on this post.

I’m also planning to start sharing one of the show reviews from either iTunes or Stitcher at the end of each episode. Your feedback is very helpful.