HF 14 | Come Along For Winter Chores on a Llama and Horse Farm


Photo of Vickie Maris with Connemara pony and two llamas

Podcast host, Vickie Maris, with her Connemara, Madison, and two of her llama buddies, Annabell and Llana, on a very cold winter day in Indiana!

In this episode of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris, I invite you to come along with me as I care for  our llamas and Connemara horse, Kerrymor Madison. The day I recorded this episode, it was about minus five degrees Fahrenheit! Even though this is an audio podcast and not video, you can still “see” the crunching snow, the rolling pony who wants his blanket taken off and the hungry llamas munching their hay over the top of the microphone during the last few minutes of the show.

Photo of llama kushing in the snow on a sunny day

Our llama, Velvet, demonstrates how comfy a llama can be while kushing in the snow – even on a very cold day!

Heartsong Fit is, in some ways, an audio journal of my journey to live in a healthier way and to better handle bad stresses. My goal is to get to a point in life where I just don’t let things stress me as they do today. I hope and pray, that as you listen to me share in episodes of the podcast, and interview my guests, that you either find it relaxing or that you glean tips you can use in your own journey to live healthier, both mentally and physically. Caring for the animals on Dawn of Promise Farm – first a horse farm, and now primarily a llama farm – is a way that I keep life in balance.

Connemara pony in a winter blanket

Kerrymor Madison was a main character in Episode 14 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris. In this photo, you see the blanket that Vickie talks about in the episode.


The physical activity required of life on the farm, and the sheer joy I get from being in the company of livestock, always seems to bring my blood pressure down and provide me with a sense of peace. I hope that you can hear that as you listen to this episode. You can learn more about our Dawn of Promise Farm, and see pictures of the ponies and llamas when you visit the link. If you’d like to learn more about our rabbits, please visit, www.heartsongrabbitry.com.

You can also view this short video of Heartsong Digger. He is the rabbit I mention on this podcast episode who enjoys being on “Hop-About” while I’m doing the chores. He comes to me when I call him, which is a characteristic I had not anticipated about rabbits. Heartsong Digger on Hop-About

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