HF 13 | Go Behind the Music With Scott Greeson and Vickie Maris

Photo graphic of Scott Greeson

Scott Greeson is the guest on Episode 13 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris. He and I share some of the behind-the scenes elements of the creative process of songwriting, recording music and entertaining.

Scott Greeson, singer/songwriter and entertainer is my guest on Episode 13 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris. He is also my husband, so that makes him an extra special guest! Scott has been helping me with the podcast behind the scenes. He’s an expert with the recording equipment and use of the software, Pro Tools, that we use in our music studio.

In this episode, we share insights from behind the scenes of several of our music gigs and recording projects. Scott shares the reasons for his fondness of the tune, Heart of Gold, by Neil Young, and why he chose to sing it during a Celebration of Life service. He tells a story of his late wife, Janet Greeson, and the role she played in his learning to play harmonica.

We also share news of the release of Lee Anna Atwell’s new cd project, Burning Heart, which was recorded here in our studio, Hoosier Surf Records. Her amazing songwriting talent, along with her beautiful vocals and keyboard playing, are all showcased on this disc. (in the links below)

Photo of Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday at Victory Field

The band has played on several occasions for the Light the Night Walk, a benefit for leukemia and lymphoma research, held at Victory Field (home of the Indianapolis Indians).

You’ll hear us banter about the band, Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday, and our recent Christmas concert. Photo Collage of the band Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday

Photo of Rena Brouwer and Scott Greeson

Across the Arts – Artist Rena Brouwer paints a watercolor while Scott Greeson plays music at the Delphi Opera House 2 Gallery, Delphi, Indiana

We tell a special story about how the pieces of my latest project, Stories of a Stateside Bride, came together on a Friday night with a bit of divine intervention. We wrap this episode with a live recording of one of Scott’s tunes, Roadside Lullaby, which we played at the Eye Opener Cafe on Dec. 20 during a Christmas gig.

Photo of Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday

Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday at the Eye Opener Cafe when the band recorded the unplugged version of Roadside Lullaby (by Scott Greeson) for Episode 13 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris.

Reference Links for Episode 13

Soller-Baker celebration of life

Wabash Gypsies disc of instrumental guitar music by Scott Greeson and Kevin Ludwig – link to album on iTunes

Scott Greeson’s music website – www.scottgreesonmusic.com

Battle Ground United Methodist Church – Church where Scott Greeson served for 8 years as worship pastor and also the venue of the Christmas concert by Scott Greeson, Vickie Maris, Lee Anna Atwell and Trouble With Monday.

Stories of a Stateside Bride – Told by Lucille Maris – 2-disc audio program available through cdbaby as a physical cd set or digital download. – www.cdbaby.com/artist/vickiemaris

Heart of Gold by Neil Young – Link to Heart of Gold digital download on Amazon.com

Roadside Lullaby – Youtube video of Scott Greeson’s original tune; photos in video are by Terry Lyons.

Link to Roadside Lullaby video in Youtube Scott Greeson Music Channel in Youtube

To book Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday, contact booking agent, David Leonards, International Entertainment Bureau.

Burning Heart cd – original tunes by Lee Anna Atwell, keyboard player and vocalist in the band, Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday. Sample in iTunes of the new instrumental tune.

The Witness Tree, which is the last track on the 2-disc audio program, Stories of a Stateside Bride. It is by Scott Greeson and Malachi Jaggers. Website of the artist.

Rena Brower – Scott mentions playing music while Rena was creating a water color painting during the Christmas Concert at the Delphi Opera House 2.



To hear samples from Stories of a Stateside Bride …

Stories of a Stateside Bride, told by (my mom) Lucille Maris. You can order your physical copy of the disc set or download the files from cdbaby.com.

When you click the “play” button (right arrow) below, you will hear samples of all of the tracks along with several full tracks from the program. You will also see the instructions for purchasing a copy of the audio program or downloading specific files when you visit cdbaby. If for some reason, you are not seeing the player below, then click on the following link to visit my artist page in cdbaby:  www.cdbaby.com/artist/vickiemaris