HF12 | Relax While Horseback Riding With Vickie and Her Connemara, Madison

Photo graphic depicting Episode 12 Relax While Horseback Riding With Vickie and Her Connemara, Madison

In Episode 12, you can relax as you go horseback riding with Vickie and her Connemara, Kerrymor Madison. AKA: Madison, Madman and Bubby

In Episode 12 of the podcast, you get to go on a horseback ride with me and my Connemara pony, (who is actually horse size). His name is Kerrymor Madison. The Edirol recorder I like to record many of my episodes with is quite portable and fit nicely in the pocket of my vest, so it was perfect for this outing on Madison.

Photo of Connemara pony and llamas

Kerrymor Madison saying hello to the nosey, Heartsong Velvet Petals, and the other llamas.

Riding is one of the primary ways that I get rid of stress from my work day. It is my hope that you find relaxing qualities in this episode as you listen to our ride and hear the descriptions of the llamas grazing and playing in the field, the babbling of the nearby creek and the interesting architecture of a hornets’ nest that we noted high in the trees.

Photo of hornets nest

This is the hornets’ nest I describe in Episode 12 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris.

Photo of llamas in a shed.

This is the shed I was sitting in when I recorded the opening of the podcast. The llama in front is Betty. Lily is in the back munching on hay.

Connemara ponies were the mainstay of my farm for almost 30 years. I purchased Madison from Top of the Ridge Farm in Virginia in 1988. He has been an outstanding riding companion, show animal – we did combined training and dressage – and breeding stallion. He has over 50 offspring in North America who have gone on to be terrific equine citizens for their owners.

In this episode, you’ll hear me talk about the following items:

Connemaras and Llamas of Dawn of Promise Farm

Completion of ebook, Social Media First Steps:  A Guide for Business

Completion of 2-disc Audio Program, Stories of a Stateside Bride, told by (my mom) Lucille Maris. You can order your physical copy of the disc set or download the files from cdbaby.com.

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