HF10 | Hear a Farm Story About a Mama Llama & a Connemara Pony | Enjoy a Story of Fox Lake Resort in Marcell, Minnesota

photo of the sunset over lake in Minnesota

Evening sky over Fox Lake in Marcell, MN. VJ Maris Photo

Note from the podcast host:  We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the release of Episode 10! It’s the first milestone we were striving towards in the life of the podcast, Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris. The main part of the content for this episode was recorded at a fishing resort in Fox Lake Minnesota. The episode features an interview with Edwin and Sheryl Olson, owners of the resort. But before you hear the interesting interview with Edwin and Sheryl, I share a little farm story with you from our farm in Indiana. Vickie

Photo of Vickie Maris and a golden retriever

Vickie with Timber, the Golden Retriever, at Fox Lake Resort.

Episode 10 Features Fox Lake Resort, Plus a Farm Story About a Protective Mama Llama and a Connemara Horse

I recorded part of the episode from the aisle of the barn at Dawn of Promise Farm after grooming the llamas. You will hear a story about our llama, Velvet, and her protective nature towards her adult llama daughter, Heartsong Velvet Petals. While I record this section of the show, my Connemara pony, Madison, keeps trying to interrupt by pulling on Velvet’s tail.

photo depicting content of Episode 10 which features Fox Lake Resort and a llama farm story

Relax at Fox Lake Resort in Minnesota

Scott and I have traveled for many years to Fox Lake Resort in Marcell, Minnesota, for a fishing vacation with Scott’s parents, Glen and Reva Greeson. This show includes an interview with the Olsons that covers the history of the resort and how its beautiful hand-crafted cabins were built. The nature and the wildlife of the area are not only discussed, but also come through in the recording. You’ll also hear a cameo appearance by the Olson’s Golden Retriever, Timber, who is a favorite of resort guests. Timber turns inside out when we arrive and acts almost as if we forgot him and left him behind at the resort for the year! Maybe he does that when all the guests arrive, but we like to think he has a soft spot in his heart for me and Scott. We think he’s really special. Glen and Reva love him too.

photo of fishermen

Scott Greeson with his dad, Glen, and a couple of large mouth bass they caught at Fox Lake Resort. Learn more about the fishing and the wildlife of Minnesota when you listen to Episode 10 of Heartsong Fit With Vickie Maris.

Visiting Fox Lake Resort

To learn more about the resort and how to contact Edwin and Sheryl Olson – http://www.foxlakeresort 

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Photo graphic of Fox Lake Resort in Minnesota on Episode 10 of Heartsong Fit

Photo of Vickie Maris with a large mouth bass

Vickie Maris is podcast host of Heartsong Fit. She is a lifelong learner, a musician (she plays guitar and accordion in a band with her husband, Scott Greeson and Trouble With Monday). She encourages people in their business and life improvement projects from uses of social media in the marketing mix to improving fitness and health for a strong, productive life as an entrepreneur. Vickie and Scott live on a hobby-size farm with a Connemara horse, several llamas and a few rabbits.